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-The Petrol Delivery Device
Trikes ib Sopchoppy
--Dalhia del Sol with Catrikes
-Pi the Limit
Pi speed limit sign
--Pi speed limit at the Land Co-op
-Bike Delivery
Trikes ib Sopchoppy
--Here is a happy customer taking delivery of trikes in Sopchoppy.
-Bike Church
--Hey neighbors,-
--Sure is a beautiful day for a bike ride-
--Davie & Unca Ed took the FooldaCrow Posse-
--Johnnie Mae, Lexi and Gerald.-
--We BAD!--
-Help Us!
In 2006, local government adopted a Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan which included public education. Since its adoption, governments have done little to implement this plan. Public education about traffic laws can substantially improve on-road safety for cyclists.

Since government failed to act, a group of local cyclists decided to educate motorists about a new State law which requires 3 foot clearance when passing a bicycle. We need YOUR help.

Please purchase signs ($5 ea) and put them out on roadways that you regularly ride. Or put them in your front yard facing the street. Together, we can improve OUR on-road safety.

Contact Ed Deaton ( or 877-6628) to purchase signs or donate to the safety campaign.
-Thanks For Helping-
-Wacissa River Fun Day
-Too Many!
--Jarryd Everett Brown, Tue, 05/20/2008-